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Online drama from Leith

22nd April 2021

A new historical online drama series is sure to draw those with an interest in Scots, or in Scottish speech generally. Though not billed as a Scots medium programme, and not consistently delivered in Scots, nonetheless the series contains a significant amount of Scots words and turns of phrase in its dialogue together with English too.

The series, called ‘Leithers One Family’, and based on William Haddow’s novel of the same name, begins in the late 14th century and is well conceived and delivered with an atmospheric background that gives a feel for the period. The series traces the ups and downs of the Preston family in Leith from that period until the 21st century and often against the background of Scottish and European events.

Each of the ten minute dramas is performed by members of the Leith-based Citadel Arts Group and well worth a listen. All the episodes are free and may be accessed at so why not check it out today.

An audio version of this story in Scots is available below.

  • Online drama from Leith