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Grammar book from ASLS

25th January 2010

The Association for Scottish Literary Studies has now issued a new work entitled ‘Understanding Grammar in Scotland Today’, written by John Corbett and Christian Kay. The book is designed to introduce readers to the online resource called ‘The Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech’ (SCOTS), which is run by the University of Glasgow at , and to describe, in terms that any beginner can understand, the grammar and language of both Scots and English current in Scotland today. The authors state that is an aim or theirs to “encourage confidence in the analysis of written and spoken language in contemporary Scotland.” John Corbett and Christian Kay are, respectively, a professor and an Honorary Professional Research Fellow, based at the University of Glasgow. The book (ISBN 978-0-948877-93-3) runs to 208 pages paperback and is priced £9.95. This may be purchased via the ASLS website at