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School of Scottish Studies and Centre to co-operate on dialect archive

11th January 2010

The School of Scottish Studies at Edinburgh University is home to a large archive of audio recordings, many in Scots. In the next few months selections from the archive will begin to appear on the Scots Language Centre web site bringing the recordings to a new and bigger audience. Plans have yet to be finalised but discussions on the subject have already taken place between SLC Director, Michael Hance and Head of the School of Scottish Studies, Dr Margaret Mackay.

Hance described the plans to place recordings on to the SLC site as, ‘very exciting’. ‘We will start by putting the recordings into the dialect section of the site. Visitors to the site will have more opportunities than ever before to hear the dialects of Scots and that in itself must be counted as a good thing. However, we also believe this project will increase knowledge and understanding of Scots. We are very much looking forward to the next stage of this project and can’t wait to hear the recordings.’

School of Scottish Studies