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Singer Promotes Borders Dialect

21st January 2010

Native Borderer Lori Watson is promoting the Scots of the Scottish Borders in her latest work. Singer and fiddler Lori, who, together with Innes Watson and Johnny Somerville, form the group ‘Rule of Three’, are currently working on ‘Sanctuary’ which draws inspiration from the places of refuge in the once troubled borderlands of Scotland. Lori, who will be contributing this work towards the Celtic Connections festival, commented that she wanted “…tae hae some spoken Borders byleed in it, yin storie in Hawick tongue in parteeclar as weel as a bit o James Hogg poetry and local fowklair an a hantle o muisic an a’…”.

 The group ‘Rule of Three’, characterised by both traditional and innovative music traditions, in Scots, and in English, will be appearing at Celtic Connections on Sunday 31 January 2010, at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall. If you would like to learn more about the group, and the background to the development of ‘Sanctuary’, please follow this link to her website: