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In Mind o JK Annand

28th June 2021

The month o Juin pits us in mind o umwhile screivar Jeems King Annand (1908-1993) that dee’d in Juin o 1993 at Embra. Annan wis a rare screivar o Scots an serred as the first editor o Lallans, the journal o the Scots Leid Associe, fae 1973 until 1983. But JK Annand is mibby best kent as a successfae owersettar an screivar o poyems for bairns. Amang his maist kenspeckle warks is the byous Dod and Davie that wis taen fae the German oreeginal Max und Moritz wrutten bi Wilhelm Busch in 1865. Leal tae the oreeginal, this buikie gies the reader a rare terr as we follae the twa daffin laddies gettin up tae aw kin kind o cantrips an steerin a stoushie amang the aulder fowk. This braw Scots version bi Annand cam oot in 1986 alang wi the oreeginal drawings bi Busch an is weel warth a swatch.

The’r nae version o this story in Soothron.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • In Mind o JK Annand