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Scotland taks staun & knee

18th June 2021

The Scotland fitba team plays agin Ingland – the ‘Auld Inemie’ – at Wembley Park in Lunnon the day as pairt o the ongauin Euro 2020 competeetion. Captain Andra Robertson haes intimate that seen as Scots teams an fitba fans haes been takkin a staun agin race hatrent aw throu the bygane fitba season, thay wad haud-gauin this gait. The nicht the Scots team will jyne thair Soothron conters in takkin the knee agin race hatrent. Scotland manager Steve Clarke eikit that he howpit takkin the knee wad keep fowk eident o the warsle agin race begottry an that he, the staff, an fitba players, wantit tae mak a shaw agin ony kind o narra-nebbit ill daein in oor society. The gemm kicks aff at 8pm the nicht.

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Photie credit: Scotland National Team (@ScotlandNT) Twitter.

  • Scotland taks staun & knee