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Gaun Yersel Scotland

14th June 2021

Monanday 14 Juin 2021. The Scotland fitba team plays the day agin the Republict o Czechie, at Hampden Park in Glesca, as ane o the gemms in the Euro 2020 competeetion. Fowk will mind that Euro 2020 haed tae be pit aff for a twalmonth throu the onfaw o the Covid smit fernyear. Scotland haesna taen pairt in ony faur-awa tournay fae we war at the Warld Tassie back in 1998, sae it isna muckle wunner that fitba an Scotland follaers is fair kittlt wi gettin in aboot efter a 23 year brek. Ower the weekend Scotland manager Steve Clarke lat on he’d maist o his sterting XI sortit, but haed yet tae mak up his mind anent ae tricky poseetion at least. The sqad is heidit wi Andra Robertson as captain, while upcoming younkers Billy Gilmour an Nathan Patterson, alang wi Dauvit Trumull, gets thair first sterts for Scotland. The Scotland sqad haes intil’t forby the follaein players that’s been cawed up: dalemen Dauvit Mairshell, Craig Gordon an Jon McLaughlin, defenders Steen O’Donnell, Grant Hanley, Kieran Tierney, Greig Tailyer, Declan Gallagher, Liam Cooper, Jack Hendry an Scott McKenna, midfielders Scott McTominay, John McGinn, Callum McGreigor, Ryan Christie, John Fleck, Stuart Airmstrang, Ryan Frazer, an Jeems Forrest, an for forrit players Lyndon Dykes, Ché Adams an Kevin Neisbet.

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