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Doric Books stertit


Doric Books stertit

17th June 2021

Jist is wik geen a new wabsteid gaed live for spikkers an readers o e Doric or North East Scots. Cryed Doric Books it’s ettle is gey an simple – tae plenish fowk wi buiks in Doric. The’r a reenge o buiks an buikies for bairns an adults baith, an blogs an interviews for thaim that’s wantin tae spik aboot this kenspeckle dialect. Fowk haes been writin in North East Scots for hunners o year sae is is a walcome chuckie tae the cairn. Sae foo nae ging ben an tak a swatchie tae yersel.

The’r nae version o this in Soothron.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.