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Arts Survey Published

4th September 2017

Creative Scotland has recently published a survey that will no doubt interest those who want to break into the creative arts through the medium of the Scots language. In 2016 the organisation published its Arts Strategy calling for greater diversity across all sectors. To support this, a survey was conducted of 1,500 people working in the arts in Scotland and asked them to describe any perceived barriers to entering, progressing and developing in the arts professionally.

In August 2017 the results of the survey were published which found, among other key points, that “...half of Minority Ethnic respondents saw ethnicity as a barrier to career progression...”, a finding that will have relevance to those from the Scots language community. Phillip Deverell, Director of Strategy at Creative Scotland, said that the survey will be used to help address lack of diversity in future.

If you would like to read the survey please download a PDF copy below. Please note that the report is not available in Scots.