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Sangschaw 2018

25th September 2017

The Scots Language Society will be holding its annual Sangschaw competition in 2018. Entries must be submitted by the deadline of Wedensday 31 January 2018, by post to Sangschaw, c/o 6 Dryden Place, Edinburgh EH9 1RP. Each entry is £5, or £12 for three entries, submitted with a separate sheet with the name and address of the entrant. Work must be in Scots and previously unpublished. Prose must not be more than 3000 words and drama not more than 60 lines. Translations must be accompanied by a text of the original language. There are three cups and cash prizes to be won. Cheques or orders made out please to ‘Scots Language Society’.

Please remember that entries by e-mail will not be accepted. For more information please contact