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Scots can't Trust in the BBC

1st November 2007

Strathisla Scots Spickers has discovered that something is far from right at the BBC in so far as language is concerned. The BBC Trust, which outlines the plans and policies of the BBC, has published its 'Six Public Purposes' which it is committed to implementing under the terms of its charter. Included among its plans is a point which states the BBC has to represent "the UK, its nations, regions and communities." And among the sub-points of this policy is "In its output, the BBC should support the UK's indigenous languages such as Gaelic, Welsh, Irish and Ulster Scots." Nothing at all is said regarding the Scots language in Scotland - the indigenous minority language with the most speakers in these islands. Scots language groups are justly annoyed over this apparent denial of the language are are forced to ask, what does it take for the BBC to give recognition to Scots? After all, Scots speakers do vote and pay for TV licenses juist like the rest of citizens in the UK. Also, is the Eoropean Charter, to which the UK government signed up in 2001, a worthless scrap of paper? Back in 1996 Scots campaigners from around the country wrote to the BBC regarding this very neglect only to discover that mail sent to BBC Scotland that was not 'lost' was sent to London for reply! Surely it must be time - as Strathisla and others are asking - for the BBC to end this indifferent and now tiresome attitude. One can study the BBC Trust documents at: and let the BBC know what he or she think s via e-mail: