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McLellan Competition Winners

1st November 2007

The winners of the McLellan Award 2007 have now been announced. The first prize was awarded to Sheila Templeton (for 'Ripening'), followed by Kenneth Steven as second prize (for 'The Illuminated Manuscript'), while the third prize went to Nick McKinnon (for 'At the A&B'). The SLC haes thought good to reproduce the winning entry here. Ripening In green rodden time I wanted to be you. Scarted my knee on reuch scabbit bark, stapped my pockets wi hard berries praying you'd run oot o supplies an need mine. You made planes wi balsa an gaudy coloured tissue, wheeched a sharp propeller makkin contact wi the wind, file I held the hint o the twine, Seely tae chitter, ice-tangled File you ignore me. Aenoo, rodden branches hing hunnerwechted, dairk ripened, riddy for pickin. Saft crame flesh, nae use for the games we played lang syne. And I'm ower thrang tae help flee your plane. Thrang rubbin bricht berries atween my finger-eyns, slowly staining my lips tae silk in the munelicht, waitin for you tae land.