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The Five Scrolls

15th January 2024

For fowk that haes an intress in releegious warks, owersettin texts, or baith, the’r a rare gaithery o texts no lang set ower fae the Ebrew scripters intae Scots. Hugh S Pyper haes brocht thegither nae less nor five texts – The Sang o Sangs, Ruth, Lamentations, Qoheleth, an Eshter, in ae volume cryed The Five Scrolls an set furth bi Handsel Press. The’r a lang tradeetion o scholars turnin Ebrew, Greek an Latin intil oor mither tongue for sindry ettles, but it’s aye rare tae see a weel-lared scholar eik anither chuckie tae the cairn. Hugh Pyper bides in Orkney an is Emeritus Professor o Bible Lare wi the Versity o Sheffield in Ingland, an ower the years haes set furth poyems in Scots taen fae a nummer o ither leids.

A body can get a guid pree o Pyper’s wark an skeel throu clappin a device on his video reading o the first pairt o Qoheleth/Ecclesiastes bi gait o Youtube  here.

The Five Scrolls can be coft throu the Handsel Press for the price o £10 sae please clap yer device on thair wabsteid at for mair wittins.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • The Five Scrolls