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Perth Day o Culture

30th November 2023

The Perth Burns Club is haudin its ordnar day o Scots Life an Culture this year in the Soutar Theatre at the AK Bell Leebrar, in Perth, fae 1pm until a quarter tae five, on Seturday 2 Dezember 2023. Ilka year the club haes this haunling for tae mark Saunt Andra’s Day. MP Pete Wishart, aince in the baund Runrig, will stert the day aff an the’ll be papers fae Jamie Jauncey, Professor Robert Duck, an Dr Kylie Murray anent lettert feegurs, Scots identity, an climate chenge an its affcome tae fowk aroond the Firth o Tey.

The price o ingait is £10, comprehendin tea an coffee, an tickets can either be coft aforehaun throu Concorde Music, 17 Scott Street, Perth (phone 01738 621818) or the Burns Club Secretar, Elliott Boyle, will keep tickets by for ye if ye phone 07709 225480, but a body can get tickets on the door forby.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.


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