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Jobs wi Dictionars o the Scots Leid

8th August 2023

Dictionars o the Scots Leid in Embra haes pit oot a caw for up tae fower jobs tae be fillt. The poseetions is peyed atween £24 an £28,000 a year, lippenin on the skeels an knawledge o the bodies taen on, an the contracts is for atween 12 an 18 month, wi a stert date o 15 Januar 2024. The Dictionars is awa tae chenge its online Aulder an Modren dictionars o Scots for tae mak them swacker wi aw kin kind o devices an graith, an tae redd the gait for eikin mair materials. The new  bodies taen on will mak up pairt o the team that will tak thir tasks in haun an wirk on sindry ither projects forby. The wark will be done maistly fae hame, bi gait o email, text an video, but wi antrin gaitherings for training or ither maiters, an can be done either full time (35 houres) or pairt time tae the wark pattren that’s fitting.

Gin ye hae an intress in pittin in for ony o thir poseetions, please see yer CV wi letter or email tae bi the deidline o 22 August 2023. Mind that the CV mauna be mair nor twa pages an that yer letter or email maun state whit pattren an nummer o houers ye wad raither wirk tae. Thaim that maks the shortleet will be askit tae attend a first interview either in person or throu online graith.

The'r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Jobs wi Dictionars o the Scots Leid