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Guid mornin! an guid nicht!

2nd August 2023


Guid mornin! an guid nicht! are twa new books Scrievit bi Lawrence Schimel an translatit intae Scots bi Matthew Mackie, wae bonnie illustrations bi Elina Braslina. Ye'll can also gie weans the book translatit intae Gaelic, Madainn Mhath!/Oidhche Mhath!, bi Marcas Mac an Tuairneir. 

The books tell the stories ae a wee laddie an his baudrons tryin no tae waken his maws an sister, an a wee lassie an her totie tyke ae a dug giein her das an awfy stramash afore bedtime. 

There's mony bonnie resources like puzzles an a glossary gien alang wae the book tae gie weans an faimlies the chance tae lairn new words an hae a braw time daein it! 

The book gies aw weans a glisk intae the diversity ae faimlies, an will gie weans raised bi same-sex parents the chance tae see themsels reflectit in their stories, representation thit's sair needit. Whitever yer faimily is like, yous'll can hae a guid time readin baith guid mornin an guid nicht!

  • Guid mornin! an guid nicht!