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Grant awairds for 2023


Grant awairds for 2023

13th July 2023

The names o aw the fowk that wis successfae in the Publication Grants tae the Scots Leid haes noo been leetit for 2023. The Publication Grant wis estaiblisht bi the Resource Netwark for the Scots leid for tae gie uphaud tae fowk ettlin tae either mercat an prent aulder warks in Scots, set ither leids ower intae Scots, or for split-new warks wrutten throu the leid. Fundit bi the Scots Government, an admeenistert bi gait o the Buik Trust for Scotland, awthegither nine new buiks haes been awairdit siller fae the Grant for 2023. Some o the screivars will be weel kent, while ithers is up an comin. Makkin comment anent the reenge o screivings Dr Michael Dempster, Director o the Centre for the Scots Leid, said “…fae aw the airts an pairts o Scotland ilkane o thir publications’s a walcome eik tae the seiven hunner year corp o Scots literature.”

The warks this year is as follaes: Born in Kyle bi Billy Kay, Burds, Baists and Bugs bi Claire Hubbard an Tom Hubbard, DWAMS bi Shane Strachan, Guid Morning! Guid Nicht! Bi Lawrence Schimel an set ower fae Spainish bi Matthew Mackie, The Dunfermline Story bi Colin Maxwell, The Fusslin Thrang: Collected Poems in Scots bi Alexander Hutchison an edit wi AB Jackson, The Songs of Jock Duncan edit wi Peter Shepheard, Tommy Foghorn bi Seona MacRuary an Lilian Ross, an Yum bi Susi Briggs.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.