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Me, Masel, and I

1st June 2023

Are ye a young body wi an intress in the Scots leid, an ettlin tae get yersel knackie? Weel, this month the’r a warkshop in makkin an writin Scots that’s airtit at younkers in secondar scuils atween S4 an S6. Cryed Me, Masel, and I: Findin Yer Ain Voice in Scots, the warkshop haes been pit thegither bi Jo Stevenson, co-airtar for Lare an Publict Programmes at the National Leebrar o Scotland, an heidit bi screivar Thomas Clark. Clark is wantin tae gie younkers a heize an bigg their skeels in wirkin throu the leid, but a body needna hae ony skeel o the leid tae stert wi, an awbody is welcome.

The warkshop will be held on Friday 23 Juin 2023, atween 2.30pm an 4.30pm, at the National Leebrar o Scotland, George IV Brig, Embra, an is free ingait.  Please clap yer device on for tae buik yersel a place.

Please speir at Jo Stevenson at for ony mair wittins o this haunling.

Photie taen bi Kat Gollock.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.


  • Me, Masel, and I