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Unlocking Scots

25th May 2023

Lang-time screivar, speirar an steerar, Dr Clive Young, a body that mony in the Scots warld will ken o, haes noo set furth a buik cryed Unlocking Scots that we doot will mak a rare read for aw thaim wi an intress in the culture an politics o the Scots leid.

Young taks his reader throu the whiles controvertit stauning o Scots, baith in bygane days, an noo, an speirs aboot langage ploys in time tae come. Abuin awthing, he speaks o the Scots leid as a gey important cultural tocher tae Scots fowk an jalouses that no aw the ploys gauin nooadays is necessar uissfae, but whither a body grees wi his threaps or no, this buik maun be regairdit as anither chuckie tae the cairn.

Unlocking Scots (ISBN 9781804250495) can be coft as a paperback oot o Luath Press, in Embra, for £16.99. Please speir at for mair wittins o this. The buik will hae its first offeecial ootset on Thursday 15 Juin 2023, at 2pm, in the National Leebrar o Scotland, George IV Brig, Embra, whaur Dr Young will speak anent his wark. For tickets please veesit the Luath hamepage an clap yer device on the link for Eventbrite.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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