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Glenesk anniversar

6th March 2023

This week sees the anniversar o the Glenesk Quitclaim. It is noo 643 year fae Sir Alisaunder Lindsay o Glenesk gied oot his quitclaim on forty merks warth o land in favour o Dame Magret coontess o Mar, datit an sealt on 12 Mairch 1380 (or 1379 auld calcul). Tho we div hae John Barbour’s Brus fae aboot 1375 thon document wins ower as a 1487 dooble jist, but the Glenesk Quitclaim is the auldest full length document, aw in Scots, an in its oreeginal. For this reason aw thaim that hauds the Scots leid dear will dootless be keen o this document.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.         

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