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Symposium anent Scots

19th January 2023

No lang syne Education Scotland an Oor Vyce ran a jynt project, fundit bi the Real Society o Embra, an cryed The Future of Scots, that’s ettle wis tae pit doun the foonds for biggin a langage policy tae the Scots leid grundit amang the community an aw thaim that’s airt an pairt. A speir amang the publict follaed, alang wi warkshops, an the affcome o this is a symposium tae be held ower ae day on 3rd Februar 2023 bi the Forum for Speirings anent the Leids o Scotland an Ulster (Forum for Research on the Languages of Scotland and Ulster). This will be pairtly held in person, tho places is scrimp, but the will be three sessions braidcast bi gait o webinar forby.

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The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Symposium anent Scots