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Shaetlan Plan

24th October 2022

The Shaetlan dialect is shawin the gait forrit for Scots as a hail wi a new Langage Plan that the Versity for the Heilans an Isles haes noo signed up for. The ettle ahin the plan is tae see that the dialect is noo used on signs an is comprehendit amang the education warks o the versity an ither agencies. This wad see the Shaetlan dialect used an heized throu aw ages o education in the isles an brocht intae mair uiss in publict life. Education an langage speirars is takkin tent o the plan wi muckle intress as it cuid airt the wey for ither education bodies, cooncils, an thaim in pouer, tae bigg up the necessar foonds for the Scots leid as a hail in the time tae come.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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