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Speak For Yersel

6th October 2022

A split-new project is set tae speir at fowk fae aw the airts anent the sindry weys that thay speak or spik in baith Scots an in Soothron throu a Scots tuin. The Speak for Yersel project, steidit at the Versity o Glesca, an heidit bi Professor Jennifer Smith, is wantin fowk tae log on an lat them ken hoo thay speak Scots, an Scots-soondit speech, whit words is used, an hoo thir words micht be used amang freens, faimly an ithers, an whit a body micht think o differin speech fae ither places. The log in is anonymous like.

Professor Smith said she’d be richt gled tae hear fae fowk an mak a record o hoo langage differs braid Scotland in its sindry tuins an eedioms. Bruce Eunson, the co-airtar for Scots wi Education Scotland, said that it haed been rare tae wirk wi the Versity o Glesca on the project an pit thegither sic important deegital resources for fowk in time tae come.

Fowk can gae tae the Speak for Yersel hamepage at tak the survey, an the quizzes, an get a swatch o words on the twa-wey cairtes.  

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.