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Prizes for Auld Fernyears

28th June 2022

The’r time yet for aw younkers wi tales tae tell tae pit in tae the prize-winnin If These Walls Could Talk competeetion. Run jynt-like bi Historic Environment Scotland, the Buik Trust for Scotland, an Storytelling Forum for Scotland, younkers haes been askit tae share thair tales o auld historic steids in Scotland that’s unner the care o Scotland Fernyears (Historic Scotland). For tae tak pairt ye maun be aged atween 8 an 12 year auld an bide in Scotland. Stories can be in the Scots, Scots Gaelic or Soothron leids an can be sent either as 150-300 word texts or pit in as a twa meenit video. Awbody that taks pairt will be pit in for the prize draw that haes sindry gifts intil’t.

The deidline is Friday 1st Jooly 2022.

For tae get mair wittins o this, or pit in yer story, please clap on the follaein wabsteid for awthing ye’ll want tae ken.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

  • Prizes for Auld Fernyears