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Hame fest Aiberdeen

9th June 2022

As pairt o the Versity o Aiberdeen’s Uni-Versal programme, the Elphinstone Institute haes pit thegither a wee fest cryed Hame that will run fae 7t til 9t Jooly, wi a bittie freenge haunling tae tak place on 10t Jooly forby. Hame celebrates the sindry faces o the North East o Scotland, the dialect an sang comprehendit. It’s been weel said that the North East is the ‘ballant capital o the warld’ an sae the fest will shaw aff its bothy ballants, baith tradeetional an modren. An the’ll be poyetry an a bittie screiving for thaim that haes a notion for it. The screenin o pictures, a gang-roond for ghaists, an a swatch o the biggings o Auld Aiberdeen will eik tae the leeving spik an sang brocht tae ye no jist fae Aiberdeen-awa but fae mair recent communities that haes come tae caw it hame.

The fest will be held in aboot Auld Aiberdeen an ither pairts o the city an awbody is walcome. For mair wittins o this please speir bi email at or gie them a phone on 01224 273233 anent tables, times an tickets.

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