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12th August 2021

Fae 10 August 2021 fowk will can browse the wab throu the Scots leid. A company cryed Rubric, that’s steidit in Embra, is ahin the new langage option that fowk can use bi gait o Mozilla Firefox. Until noo the haesna been muckle uphaud for saftware throu the leid but Rubric howps this will chenge an steer mair fowk, an in parteeclar younkers, tae mak mair uiss o Scots an bigg its staunin in the warld. Ae thing that the co-airtars o the project spak aboot wis makkin compoond words equate wi the ordnar Greek an Latinate terms fund in Soothron uiss, tho browsers wirks swackest wi kent terms in a gien tongue. While Scots daes hae wordstock for a wheen technical cheils, the wab comprehendit, the’r whiles areas whaur the’r nae clear word choices an dootless thaim that’s versant in the leid will find thair ain gait as time gaes by. Atween hauns, the wark o Rubric an ithers shuid be weel-quotit for giein the Scots leid a heize.

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