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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Publication Grant Awardees

17th September 2020

The following are the recent awardees of the Scots Language Publication Grant:

A Nicht Afore Christmas Tippermuir, By Irene McFarlane, illustrated by Rosemary Cunningham

A Short Story Collection in Scots Luath, By Gerda Stevenson

But N Ben A Go Go (audiobook) Luath, By Matthew Fitt

Duck Feet Monstrous Regiment, By Ely Percy

Ghost Polis Luath, By Matthew Fitt

Grimm’s Fairy Tales – Itchy Coo, By Saviour Pirotta, illustrated by Emma Chichester Clark

Scotsaga Luath, By Donald Smith

The Classics in Scots Luath, By William Imray Brown

The Leerie Leerie Press, By Stuart Armstrong and Joseph Daly, illustrated by Jack Solomon Smith