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Oor Vyce launches

1st June 2020

Today new group Oor Vyce launched its campaign calling on the Scottish Government to extend legal protection to the Scots language community.

Oor Vyce brings together academics, entertainers, political campaigners and writers who want the Scottish Parliament to pass a law similar to that of the 2005 Gaelic Language Act which would protect Scots and recognise it as a legal language. Since 2001 the existence of the Scots language has been recognised by both the UK and Scottish Governments under the Council of Europe Charter for Regional or Minority Languages which was ratified by the UK. In the 2011 census 1.5 million people were returned as Scots speakers within Scotland, but despite these, the Scots language community continues to lack the legal protection since extended to other languages.

Oor Vyce aims to raise public awareness, and is calling on others to join them in the campaign for the promotion and official recognition of Scots. You can do this on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and they intend to launch the main campaign once lockdown has been lifted. To find out more please follow these links:

or contact Oor Vyce bi e-mail on and ask to be put on their mailing list.