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New book scratches an itch

11th October 2007

A newly published book from Itchy Coo - entitled 'Geordie's Mingin Medicine', which is a translation from English into Scots of a Roald Dahl work, has now reached number one in Waterstone's children's bestseller charts. This comes after the success of Itchy Coo's 'The Eejits' (another Dahl translation) which also reached number one last year. Mr M Fitt, translator of the books, commented "I am delighted that children, parents, libraries and schools across Scotland have made these Roald Dahl Scots translations number 1. But it is a pity that the Scottish Parliament, established to reflect the educational and cultural needs of the Scottish people, still treats Scots as second best." For more information about Itchy Coo see their website at: