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Plays in Scots for Schools

2nd October 2007

Roy McGregor and Liz Niven have edited a new book entitled 'Scottish Plays for Schools' through the Association for Scottish Literary Studies and published by Hodder Gibson. This work includes six short plays in Scots which may be read or performed and have been written by the following: 'Hieroglyphics' by Anne Donovan, 'Silver Bullet' by Janet Paisley, 'Between the Lines' by Alison Clark, 'In Love' by Iain Mills, 'Bairns An' Feels' by Charles Barron, and 'The Snob Cross Incident' by Moira Burgess. The book also includes useful notes about the writers, their motivations and ideas for workshops. The book launch will take place at the Association conference in Glasgow on Saturday 6 October 2007.