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McCash poetry prize

14th November 2006

The results from this year's McCash Poetry Prize have been announced. The winner was Dilys Rose, with her poem 'Sailmaker's Palm'. The other prizewinners were Liz Niven, for 'Efter Ye Cam Back Fae Malawi' and Sheila Templeton, for 'Nae Answer'. The full shortlist is as follows: Winner - Dilys Rose, 'Sailmaker's Palm' Second Prize - Liz Niven, 'Efter Ye Cam Back Fae Malawi' Third Prize - Sheila Templeton, 'Nae Answer' Shortlisted Poems: Sheena Blackhall, 'The Thorn Buss' E.M. Buchanan, 'New Bairn' William Hershaw, 'Fergusson' Janice Johnston, 'Keppin' the Kye' Lesley Kelly, 'Seafarers' Julie McAnulty, 'The Cockle Pickers' Sandra McQueen, 'Fae Monday, 1917' David Nicol, 'A blether o geese' Niall O'Gallagher, 'Per Umbram' David Purves, 'Heid Bummers' Jim Waite, 'Royal Veesit tae Perth' and 'Saunt Johnie's Kirk' The competition is held annually by the University of Glasgow and The Herald, with the first, second and third prizes winning 750, 350 and 200 respectively. This year's judges were Edwin Morgan, Liz Lochhead, Lesley Duncan, Douglas Gifford and Alan Riach. Click here to read the article from the Herald