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Kirk searches oot Scots words in worship

1st November 2006

There is no english version of this article The Kirk o Scotland haes awned the need tae dae mair tae forder the uiss o Scots fae the poupit. A report fae the Kirk's Mission an Discipleship Cooncil wull be pitten tae this year's General Assembly i Mey, cawin for a Scots language group tae be gien a mission alang thir lines: tae alloo the Kirk tae gie mair wecht tae the uiss o Scots i worship, an tae pit thegither materials for uiss i Scots worship. For its first darg, the Group haes bin seekin oot poems, prayers, plays, readins an sae furth i Scots, an oniebodie at haes sic as thir at they think wad be uissfu tae the group's work shuid email