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Census site brings in thousands of visitors

12th April 2011

Final figures for visits to the web site set up by the Scots Language Centre to help people answer the Scots language questions in last month’s census  have been revealed by SLC Director, Michael Hance.

‘There were 80,000 unique visits to the site during the month which it was live. That means that thousands more people actually saw the site and listened to the audio clips. We all know that there are occasions when two or three people stand round a computer looking at what’s on the screen and we believe that at least 200,000 will have seen the material and listened to the audio clips.’

Google analytics show that the audio clips were downloaded 300,000 times. Activities on Twitter and Facebook were central to the awareness raising programme carried out by the Centre. Chris Third, the SLC’s online development manager, described the activities on social media sites as a great success. ‘We reached about 105,000 users on facebook and 80,000 on twitter.’

SLC will now be considering how to make the most of the material collected in connection with the development of the Aye can! site. Hance says he expects most of the material to be recycled on the SLC site. ‘The ‘Whit’s Scots?’ section of the site needs updated and I’m certain that much of what’s on the other site can be used to make our main site much better.’