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Calling all stravaigers!

7th April 2011

Recently, Scots language organisation, Scots Tung, which is based in Musselburgh in East Lothian, has been looking forward to new activities. The group, which was founded in the early 1990's, has long campaigned for greater awareness of the language and rights for Scots speakers. It has also made a particular point of helping members to improve their spoken and written Scots. Scots Tung preses, Richard Heinsar, has revealed that the group is "ettlin tae stert a walkin group/curn for speakers an learners o Scots" which he added would probably be called Scots Tung Stravaigers, from the Scots term meaning to roam or wander. Richard further commented that the group "wad likely be gey informal wi nae jynin fees or onythin." If you are interested in exploring and walking Scotland's countryside, while learning/speaking in Scots, then contact Richard Heinsar either by e-mail on scots.tung@btinternet,com or phone 0131 665 9351.