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Play in a Bus!

23rd November 2010

Dundonian poet and writer Mark Thomson will be presenting a rather unusual play this week, set in a bus! Called 'Thi 20:09' , Thomson plays a bus driver driving back home from the celebration for the birthday of Robert Burns. His passengers are a fantasy football team comprising several historical and modern day figures from Scotland, including Sean Connery, Mary Queen of Scots (who liked a game of football), Donald Dewar and Benny Lynch. The ensuing banter between them - much of it in the Scots language - will be perfomed by Thomson and other poets.

You can see the play at the Assembly Room, Webster Theatre, Arbroath on Friday 26 and Saturday 27 November 2010. Tickets cost £6 and can be bought from the Box Office, 64 High Street, Arbroath, tel: 01241 435800.