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Scots Loses Frenchman

9th November 2010

This week in the press (Daily Record, 6 November) it was reported that former French Under-20 international football player, Mahamadou Sissoko, is having problems with understanding the Scots language. The French footballer, who plays for Scottish club Kilmarnock, confessed that he is struggling to understand what Scottish players are saying, not just because of their accents, but because of “the Scottish language” itself, which can be very different from English. In particular he said that he was struggling to understand anything Jamie Hamill said. Told that Hamill was very funny Sissoko said “But I wouldn’t know because when he speaks it makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. I have given up even trying to learn.” The Scots Language Centre can thoroughly recommend to Mr Sissoko the ‘Luath Scots Language Learner’ which comes complete with CD.