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Onding hits Scotland

19th October 2023

Scotland haes been hut wi an onding an unco strang winds that’s orra for the hairst aw throu a muckle birlin storm cryed Babet. The rains haes been at thair warst ower the norland hauf o Scotland, an, in parteeclar, alang the hail east coast o the kintra fae Fife tae Buchan an ayont. The watters o sindry muckle coorses haes threitent tae owergae an burst banks in sindry airts, leain hames an businesses on nettles for the time. A Rid Warning for rain haes noo gane oot fae thaim that’s in chairge o services, cawin on fowk in the norland hauf o the kintra no tae gae faur fae hame gin thay can help it. The lave o Scotland haes haen Amber Warnings for strang winds that’s set tae haud-gauin until the weekend, sae please tak tent an caw cannie.

Photie: The Met Office

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  • Onding hits Scotland