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Lure o the Leid Podcast

27th October 2022

A split-new podcast throu Scots haes haen its first ootset for tae oxter alang wi the Aw Kintra Storytelling Fest for Scotland. Cryed Lure o the Leid, the podcast will hae intil’t stories tellt bi sindry storytellers an screivars fae aw the airts, aw in thair ain dialects. Tradeetional Airts an Culture Scotland, alang wi the Storytelling Forum for Scotland, haes gaithert thir stories fae recordings that wis made throu the lockdoun o 2020 an 2021 an will noo run seasons o tales. The first season, wi seeven stories in aw, will stert oot wi twa eldritch tales fae Jackie Ross tellt in her ain North East Scots or Doric. Forby Jackie, the’ll be stories fae Sheila Kinninmonth, Tom Muir, an Paraig MacNeil. A body will can get thir stories online bi gait o Anchor FM an Spotify.

The’r a soond file o this story in Scots ablow.

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