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Grants fae the Doric Buird

15th October 2021

The 2022 grant awairds offert bi gait o the Doric Buird is open yet. Noo in its third year, the grants is open til aw fowk that bides in the North East an is ettlin tae mak projects that forders the North East Scots dialect – kent as the Doric – or the tradeetions an culture o the North East. Grants o up tae £1000 is at haun for successfae intrants, an thaim that’s ettlin tae pit in for siller shuid email the Doric Buird bi the deidline o 12 Dezember 2021. For tae get mair wittins o this please veesit the wabsteid at, or speir throu email at anent the process.

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  • Grants fae the Doric Buird