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Braw Tales at An Tobar & Mull Theatre

10th May 2021

BRAW TALES - five short animated stories written by some of the best Scottish writers and produced by Mull Theatre Director (20/21) Beth Morton.

From Monday 10 - Friday 14 May, grab a sandwich, make yourself a cup of tea and tune in via our Facebook page or through our Vimeo channel from 1pm. Don’t worry if you miss them as they will be available to watch online later that day and throughout the week.

Monday 10 May
Stella by Morna Young

Performed by MJ Deans
Animated by Kate Charter | Music and sound design by Gary Cameron

Award-winning writer, Morna Young’s Stella is for ‘aa the quines who dream of the stars’. Fifteen year old Stella dreams of reaching the stars or, literally, of becoming an astronaut. But she’s a teenager from the north-east of Scotland and, let’s face it, the stars aren’t always an option for some of us. Stella is a wee story about a girl with a big, impossible dream.

Tuesday 11 May
A Pickpocket’s Tale by Uma Nada-Rajah

Performed by Sarah Miele
Animation by Cat Bruce | Music and sound design by Pippa Murphy

Playwright Uma Nada-Rajah’s A Pickpocket’s Tale - bemoaning the state of her trade at the hands of the pandemic, Isla makes a new reptiloid friend.

Wednesday 12 May
The Shark Was Aware of Me by Alan Bissett

Performed by Alison Peebles
Animated by Gavin Glover | VFX by Fergus Dunnet | Music by Rowan McIlvride | Additional Sound Design by David Moré

Playwright, novelist, and performer, Alan Bissett’s The Shark Was Aware of Me tells the story of Jemima who lives alone and doesn't mind it that way until some bad news leaves her feeling shaken and isolated. A chance encounter in the aquarium with a telepathic shark, however, makes her reassess her place in the grand scheme of things and want to deliver a positive message to the world.

Thursday 13 May
The Night You Were Born by Ellie Stewart

Performed by Daniela Nardini

Animated by John Kielty & James Kielty | Music and sound design by John Kielty

Ellie Stewart’s The Night You Were Born is about Alyssa, a goatherd until Hannibal’s army passed through. Now she is hiding in a cherry orchard with an endearing companion. How did they become fugitives and where will they go next?  Alyssa tells the story of the night that changed her life.

Friday 14 May
Quelle Trapeze by Laurie Motherwell

Performed by Andrew Rothney
Animated by Nisan Yetkin | Music and sound design by Simon Liddell

Laurie Motherwell’s Quelle Trapeze follows Olly, who leaves his birthday party early because he is fed up. Each step carries him to the big top that has popped up in the local park. A place where the worlds of reality and fantasy blur. 

Released at 1pm each day through our Vimeo and Facebook channels
Suitable for ages 14 years and upwards
All videos will remain online for one year


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