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Big Braw Book published

8th October 2020

It’s big, it’s radge, it’s radio rental,

Find a felt-tip, pick a pencil.

Get tore in and gie it laldy,

Gaun yersel’ – ye ken ye want tae.

This is the persuasive invite from Weedgie the Dug to try out Weedgie’s Big Braw Scottish Words Colouring Book recently made available online by artist and writer Angela Cowan. Described as a “gallus combination” the book brings together 50 original artists’ designs based on Scots language words drawn from both Glasgow and Ayrshire. The book, which is designed for all ages, is also accompanied by English translations. Presented by Angela’s character Weedgie the Dug, he describes the work in the following terms: “This is ma big braw colourin book, it was a’ ma idea an ah’m takin’ fou credit for it. The Burd drew a’ the pictures and that when she was high on Irn Bru and Tunnocks Teacakes. Twa boatles o’ ginger and she’ll dae onythin…” . If you would like to learn more, or perhaps order an electronic copy, please visit Angela Cowan online at and check out her home page.

An audio version of this story in Scots is available below.