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But N Ben A-Go-Go republished

5th March 2020

Luath Press Ltd has recently published a new edition of Matthew Fitt’s science fiction novel But N Ben A-Go-Go.  First published back in 2000, both narrative and dialogue are written entirely in Scots, and set in a future Scotland of the year 2090 in which global flooding has left most of the country under water and in fear of a super virus known as Senga. There are echoes here of the dystopian societies portrayed in Holywood films such as Waterworld and the republication of this novel is timely given the upcoming UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) which is due to take place in Glasgow later in 2020. Given the eerie similarities with what is now happening to the world climate, melting glaciers, and current concerns over the spread of Corona Virus, this novel is bound to send several shivers down the spine of the reader.

But N Ben A-Go-Go is available in paperback priced £8.99 (ISBN 9781912147502) either from Luath Press Ltd, Edinburgh (0131 225 4326) through its website, Twitter and Facebook pages, or order hotline BookSource Distribution Centre on 0141 642 9192.