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Scots Language Centre Centre for the Scots Leid

Sangschaw Winners 2018

8th May 2018

The winners of the Scots Language Society’s Sangschaw 2018 are as follows:

Poesie (Poetry): 1st prize Hugh MacDiarmid Cup: Futrat Day by Douglas Kynoch, Runner-up Michaelangelo’s Last Judgement by Frances Robson, and Highly Commended By-ordinar Wumman by Frances Robson, The Scotch Snap by David C Purdie and Wundit by Irene Howat.

Cutty Tale (Short Story) 1st prize and Robert McLellan Cup: Ma Saicret by Irene Howat, Runner-up Watti’es Signs an Wonders by Stephen Pacitti, and Highly Commended Banana Wuid by David C Purdie, Elemental by WS Milne and Gin The Yowes Wad Eat Stanes by Iain McGregor.

Owersettin (Translation) 1st prize and John McPhail Law Cup: A Boy Biker’s Luve Sang by David C Purdie, Runner-up Ophelia by Donald Adamson, and Highly Commended Whan The Sheddaes O Nicht by Donald Adamson, Odes 1-IX by John Erskine, and Tentin the Hoose by David C Purdie.