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The Wey Forrit

13th November 2017

Until the early 20th century political commentary was still common in Scots, latterly through the articles, columns and letters of newspapers in Scotland, but from the 1920’s Scots was steadily squeezed out. In more recent times we have seen Scots beginning to reclaim the political sphere once again – encouraged by the return of the Scottish parliament. And it is Scottish political themes that Stuart McHardy deals with in his new publication The Wey Forrit: A Polemic in Scots. As the title proclaims, the book is written in the Scots language. This volume contains a series of papers by McHardy on various matters ranging from domestic Scottish politics, to the relationship of Scotland with England and Westminster, with the EU, and wider world. The author approaches his subjects from the view of a left-wing historian who states that Brexit will leave Scotland damaged and isolated, and he is particularly critical of what he terms “lickspittle journalists” and London politicians.

Whether you agree with McHardy’s political perspective or not, any writings in Scots on cultural, political or social themes are always a welcome addition to the modern canon and we look forward to this inspiring further serious discussion through Scots, on any theme, and from any and all points of view.

The Wey Forrit (ISBN 9781912147014) is published by Luath Press Limited in Edinburgh at the cover price of £8.99. It is available in book stores or may be ordered directly by visiting online.