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Aye and Owersettin

4th July 2016

Publishers Tapsalteerie are holding launches of two of their new poetry pamphlets this month in Glasgow and Edinburgh. These are ‘Aye’ by Stuart A Paterson, the SLC’s own makar ben the hoose, and ‘Owersettin’ by AC Clarke, Maggie Rabatski and Sheila Templeton. The first work is a new collection of poems in Scots by Stuart Paterson which reflects on a whole series of ideas. The second pamphlet is the result of an experiment in translation by which the three writers each chose to translate two poems from the other two – Rabatski (Gaelic), Templeton (North East Scots) and Clarke (English).

Paterson, Clarke, Rabatski and Templeton will be giving readings from their work firstly at the Dram on Woodlands Road, Glasgow, from 7pm on Wednesday 13 July 2016, and then at the Golden Hare Bookshop, Edinburgh from 6.30pm on Thursday 21 July 2016. Entry to these events is free.