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Mr Mingin released

6th August 2015

A brand new translation from Itchy Coo has recently hit the shops and is sure to stir some interest among children. The David Walliams story Mr Stink has now been turned into a Scottish version Mr Mingin - by Matthew Fitt and the paperback, illustrated by Quentin Blake, had its official launch on 23 July 2015.  Mr Mingin tells the story of a little girl called Chloe who invites Mr Mingin, who resides on a bench, to come home with her and live in her garden shed. She does so because she has no friends, and because Mr Mingin had none either on account of his smell. Once he takes up residence he turns Chloes life upside down!

Mr Mingin is 272pp priced at 6.99 in the shops or 4.99 online. The book is available from Black & White Publishing who can be contacted through Laura Nicol on or phone 0131 625 4500.