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A Midsummer Night's Dream in Scots

28th May 2015

Fans of the English playwright Shakespeare are in for a treat as a new Scots language version of a Midsummer Nightss Dream is staged in Castle Douglas this weekend. Called A Midsimmer Nichts Dreme, the four hundred year old play has been translated into Scots by John Burns and directed by Susan Black. Actors Christine Burns and Tommy Thomson both said that it was a challenge to learn the script in Scots, because they were so used to reading English-only, but both thoroughly enjoyed the rich language of Scots and its distinctive expressions. From what the Scots Language Centre can judge, the actors have done a fine job of bringing the play to life in the language.

In the words of the theatre in Scots, the storyline of the play is given as follows: Imagine this, if yese will: Duke Theseus is tae be married an Quincey an his freens the rude mechanicals, the jyners, wabsters an ither ordinary workin folk, are gettin ready tae pit on a play in his honour. Its gey hard work for they havenae duin onythin like it afore. They need tae practise so they gang intae the wuid so naebody can see them. But the wuid is fou o fairies an speerits an aw the wild imaginins o oor hairts. Needless tae say they are no lang in getting aw tangled up thegither wi the fairies an wi twa pairs o young lovers wha hae went tae the wuid an aw. At nicht! An ye ken whit that meansBut as the sleekit an wily Puck says, maybe its aw in your ain heid. Juist like a dreme. Maybe its AW juist a dreme.

The Midsimmer Nichts Dreme will be showing at the Fullarton Theatre, Lochside Road, Castle Douglas, Dumfries and Galloway, at 7.30pm on Friday 29 and Saturday 30 May 2015. Tickets cost 8 and should be obtained from .