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Favourite Scots Words

13th October 2014

If you are new to the Scots language and would like to learn more about it, but are not yet at the stage of easy reading in the language, then why not try out Favourite Scots Words by Betty Kirkpatrick. Written in English, Kirkpatricks book is intended as an introduction to the vocabulary of the language, chosen by her from among her favourites, many of which are well known in Scotland, but some less so. A native of Perthshire, Kirkpatrick grew up with a range of words and phrases which she shares with her reader in a simple, easy-going style, but with the space to describe words in a way which dictionaries often cant do. So, for example, she provides words in a context, describing in English what the meaning (or meanings) might be and giving the equivalent word, or words, in English. Kirkpatrick often brings outdated dictionary definitions up to date with modern descriptions of how certain words have evolved their range of meanings or senses. Some guidance on pronunciation is also given.

Favourite Scots Words is currently available as an e-book priced 3.59 via Amazon at  . If you do not  have a Kindle you can download one of the free Kindle apps from Amazon to enable you to read e-books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.