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Thousands visit site

29th January 2007

Statistics from internet search engine Google show that the new Scots Language Centre web site has attracted thousands of visitors since it was launched last October. Reacting to the news, Michael Hance, Director of the Centre, said, "I'm very pleased with the figures - they show that people are hungry for information about the Scots language and want to know more about and to hear it too. The most popular features on the site are those with audio clips. We are looking at ways of increasing the number of these and hope to have more for people to listen to soon." While most visitors to the site are from Scotland, there have also been many hundreds from outside the country. Hance says, "We have had visitors from a number of unexpected places. Ulan Bator, Rio de Janeiro and Riyadh make regular appearances on the map that shows us where visitors come from. There have also been significant numbers of visitors from Poland, Germany, the Baltic states and Scandinavia. The Scots diaspora is also in evidence with large numbers of visits from Canada and the US in particular, as well as New Zealand and Australia." Staff at the Centre say the site has been so busy that a major revamp of it is already required. It won't be long until visitors to the site start to see some more changes. New staff member at the Centre, Niall O'Gallagher, has been working on a number of projects connected with the writing and regional dialect sections of the site and it is expected that visitors will see the outcome of some of these before long. "We know that people would like to see the regional dialect section developed further and we will be making efforts to do this soon. I'm pleased to say that Donna Heddle from Orkney College is helping us with the Orcadian dialect section of the site which will make our job in this area a whole lot easier." says Hance.