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Another Tintin in Scots

3rd July 2014

Tintin Pharaoh

Readers may remember that last year Susan Rennie translated the first ever Scots version of Tintin (The Derk Isle), which was well received. This marked a significant milestone in Scots language translation, given that Tintin is a world-renowned brand. 

Now Scots readers and Tintin fans will be pleased to hear that Susan has produced her second translation of Tintin, called The Merk o the Pharaoh , which, as the title suggests, tells of adventures in Egypt and the quest by Tintin, his dog Tarrie, and Professor Cameron Cartouche, for the lost tomb of Pharoah Kih-Oskh. The book is published by Dalen Alba (ISBN 978-1906587475) and is due to appear this summer. Watch this space.